Results and Link to Pictures

Once again, a tremendous Thank You goes out to all those who participated in the first annual St. Mike’s Turkey Trot.  The turnout was absolutely tremendous.  It really speaks volumes about the community that we have here in Penn Yan.  We, the race committee are both extremely thankful for the support this year and also cannot wait to put on an even better event next year!  So put it on your calendars now!

Below are the results (Please click on the link for full listing in .pdf format).  Since electronic timing was not utilized this year it was done a bit more old-school and ended up being pretty time-consuming to comb through the results.  I cannot assure you 100% that the times are exact down to the second.  Frankly we’ve done the best we could.  Next year electronic timing will be used and more awards will be given out throughout the respective age-groups.  This I assure you of.  So in the mean time here are all the results that we were able to post based on the collection of bib numbers at the finish line.  If your bib # was not collected than a time was not recorded.

Also, the timing was based on the bib#’s that were assigned to racers during registration.  What looks like to have happened is that with many large families the bib #’s were interchanged with each other and thus some family members ended up wearing a different bib number than they were originally assigned.  We say this because if you’re time doesn’t look quite right and you’re in a big family (cough cough…Bodine’s) than you might need to sort out who had which bib number to get the right time.

Lastly, if you registered at the last-minute (night before or day of) than we only had your bib# (in the 200’s) to go by.  That is why there is no name attached to your finishing time.


St. Mike’s Turkey Trot Results

Race Pictures

Here is the link to the Race Pictures that we have collected and will be collecting.  They are housed in google Picasa and will be updated when we get more in.


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