Thanks for everyone who came out today – even though it was cold it turned out to be a great day and we had an amazing turnout of over 500 people!

It couldn’t have come together as great as it did without the help of a lot of amazing people in our community.  Our committee members: Matt Stork, Stephanie VanDelinder, Sarah Saunders, Julie Miller, Kelly Saner, and Heather Tillman.  All I can say is you guys rock!  Police Chief Mark Hulse and his officers who helped including Officer Dawes on the course this morning.   Don Rapalee, Doug Marchionda, and Dan Doyle who coordinated and did an unbelievable job clearing our course after the snow and ice and kept our runners safe.  BrIan Murphy for our EMT onsite.  Our race day volunteers:  Jack Flynn, Olivia Rodriguez, Dan Wheeler, Felicia Smalley & Family, Jared, The Clancy crew, Kathy Waye, Judson Reid, Wade Saunders, Morgan & Bonnie Basler, Bonnie & Dick Curbeau, Bob VanDelinder, Alexander Family, Jason Saner, Amy Banach, Brenda Nielsen, Amber Brady, Liz Castner, Anna Hurley, and David Hull.

Thanks Sean Dallos for giving us an awesome CrossFit warm-up before the race!

We we thank Fr. Jack for being a part of our day and his kind words and support of St. Michaels’s School.

Thank you Bonnie Basler for arranging to clean up after us and for all your help.

Thank you Finger Lakes Realty for being our title sponsor and all of our sponsors especially our archangel sponsors:  Curbeau Realty, Eaves Dental, Bully Hill Vineyards, Stork Insurance, Matthew Conlon, Penn Yan Eye Care.

Carol Flynn for taking some great finish line photos (check back for these soon).

We have an amazing community and it was exciting to see so many people from other areas join us for this exciting morning!  We hope you all come back and bring more people with you for next year.  We will continue to improve on the event!

Results will be posted on  We are working on photos and will send out to a link to them soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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